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A Selection from the Ancient and Modern Music of Erin
with a number of Scotch and Welsh airs, and
several original pieces by the compiler.
Adapted to the Violin, Flute, Flageolet, Hautboy, and Union Pipes

New York 1813

03a - New-York Volunteers' Quick Step18a - Carolan's Farewell to Music33a - Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch
03b - Madison's Quick Step18b - Carolan's Concerto33b - The Wounded Hussar
04a - General Armstrong's Troop19 - Coolun34a - Billy O'Rourk
04b - O'Hara's Favourite Waltz21a - Madam Cole34b - Paddy O'Carroll
05 - Kandugh Deelish21b - Granuwail35a - Downshire Quick Step
06 - Grace Nugent22a - Port Gordon35b - Grand Slow March
07a - Kitty Tyrrell22b - Drimindoo36 - My Ain Kind Deary O
07b - Open the Door Softly23 - Maggie Lawder37 - Huggamar Fene On Sambhrulinn
07c - The Pretty Girl Milking her Cow26 - The Earl of Moira's Welcome to Scotland38 - The Austrian Retreat
08a - The Snowy Breasted Pearl27a - Honora My Thousand Treasures39 - Governor Tompkins's Quick Step
08b - Planxty Reily27b - Kate of Colerain40a - Governor Tompkins's Grand Slow March
09a - Irish Melody28a - Peggy Na-Levin40b - The Gurriere Dance
09b - The Bonny Black Irish Maid28b - Cherish the Ladies41 - De Witt Clinton's Grand Slow March
09c - The Seas Are Deep29 - The Highland Slow March42a - De Witt Clinton's Short Troop, or Waltz
10 - Patrick's Day30a - Appe Shenkin42b - Lord Cathcart's Return from Egypt
11 - Ailen A Roon30b - Miss Johnson's Reel43a - The Wasp's Frolic
14 - Of a Noble Race was Shenkin31a - O Sae Brawly as I was Kissed Yestreen43b - The Macedonian Hornpipe
16 - When William at Eve31b - Nathaniel Gowe's Lamentation for the Loss of his Brother44 - Captain James M'Keon's Quick Step
17 - Carolan's Receipt for Drinking Whisky32 - The Bob of Fatercairn