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Title page O'Farrell's
Collection of NATIONAL IRISH MUSIC for the
Comprising a Variety of the
Most Favorite Slow & Sprightly
with Variations and Adapted Likewise
for the German Flute, Violin, Flagelet,
Piano & Harp, with a Selection
of Favorite Scotch Tunes
Also a Treatise with the most
Perfect Instructions ever yet Published for the

A facsimile copy of this collection may be purchased at Pat Sky's Website.

17a - The Hermitt of Killarney28a - Round the World for Sport41 - Rothemurchus's Rant
17b - Peggy Baun or Fair Peggy28b - The Old Hagg in the Corner42a - Cummalum with Variations
17c - Cathleen Threel or Kitty Tyrrell29a - The Lads of Tipperary42b - Maggie Lawder with New Variations
18a - Erin go Braugh29b - Yellow Stockings44a - There is na Luck about the house with Variations
18b - Jerry's Rambles30 - Ailen Aroon with Variations44b - Roys Wife of Aldivalock
18c - Jack Latten with Variations31 - The Millers Maggot45a - Rock of Cashel
19a - Drunk at Night and Dry in the Morning32 - Mullowneys Jigg With Variations45b - The Highland Watch
19b - Bumper Squire Jones33 - Coolun with Variations46a - The Silver Mines
20a - Drimen Duff34a - Jacksons Night Cap46b - Gramachree
20b - When the Cock crows it is Day34b - The Maid at the Fair47 - Lass of Patty's Mill, with Variations
21a - Yemon O Knock or Ned of the Hill35a - Jacksons Lake48a - Rose Tree, with Variations
21b - Shaun O'Dhier o glanna or John Dwyer of Glinn35b - Shauneen O Shea or Johnny O Shea48b - The Little House under the Hill
22a - Planxty Connor35c - Humours of Toddy49 - Nanny wilt thou gang with me
22b - Apples in Winter36a - Stad Erro Rogura Stad stad or Stay easy you rogue stay stay50a - The Humours of Ballymanus
23a - Farrells Pipes36b - Corraga Bawn50b - Willy Winky
23b - Sally McGee37a - The Ulster Rondo51a - Highland Laddy
23c - McDonnells Rant37b - Douchig for Sport51b - Miss Carrolls Hornpipe
24a - The Waterford Hornpipe38a - We'el all take Coach and trip it away51c - Logie O Buchan
24b - Sheeling O Guira38b - O Farrells welcome to Limerick52a - Berks of Endermay
26a - My Friend and Pitcher39 - O Farrells Hornpipe52b - The last time I came o'er the Moor
26b - Carolans Farewell to Music40a - Rogue Erra Duff or The Black Rogue52c - Humphy Clinker
27a - Carolans Dream40b - The Munster Piper53a - On the Lake of Killarney
27b - Carolans Receipt for Drinking Whiskey40c - The Boughlee Buee or Gallaway Tom53b - Captain O Cain