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Title page New and Complete
for the
(as newly constructed and improved)
A Selection of
Favorite Irish & Scotch Airs
S. T. Colclough
Professor of the Grand Union Pipes
Published (for the Author) by Wm. Power, 4 Westmoreland Street

A facsimile copy of this collection may be purchased at Pat Sky's Website.

14a - Life let us Cherish 15e - Black Rock 19a - Old Towler
14b - Waltz 16a - The Rose Tree 19b - Bob and Joan
14c - La Flora 16b - Miss Forbes's Farewell 19c - The Rakes of Westmeath
14d - Burnet's rondo 16c - Lord Cathcart 19d - Llewellyn
14e - A Piper o'er the Meadows Straying 17a - The College Hornpipe 19e - Colclough's Hornpipe
14f - Buonaparte's Waltz 17b - The Highland Fabrick 20a - Gramachree
15a - The Miller of Drone 17c - Union Pipe Grand March and Quickstep 20b - The Munster Rake
15b - Aldridge's Hornpipe 18a - Dainty Davy 20c - Maggie Lawder
15c - The New May Moon 18b - Flowers of Edinburg 21a - The Scots came o'er the Borders
15d - Lord Moira's Welcome to Scotland 18c - Granah Weale 21b - Burn's Farewell