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Title page A collection of Favorite
arranged for the
Harp or Piano Forte

Vol 1 Price 10s 6d

London, Published by George Ward, 90, Leman Street, Goodmans Fields
And may be had of the principal Music Sellers in England & Ireland
NB. These airs may also be play'd on the Flute, Flageolet, Violin or Clarinet.

1a - John McGuire13 - Cean dubh Deelish27a - Paddy O'Snap
1b - Crookaun a Venee14a - Youghall Harbour27b - Lord Mayo
1c - The Fin Galians Dance14b - Joan Brady27c - Heigho my Jockey
2a - The Red Man's Wife14c - The Pearl of Sliabh bawn28a - Captain Magan
2b - The Munster Leaf15a - The Brown sloe Bush28b - The Silk Article
2c - The Rising of the Sun15b - Renardine28c - Oh my Connor his cheeks are like the Rose
3 - O! Save me from Death15c - Past one O'clock29a - Sally Nugent
4a - Miss Mathew's Minuet16a - Ballantocher29b - Molly my dear
4b - The Cry of Gallen16b - Woods's Lamentation29c - Captain Paddy
4c - Kate Hualahan16c - Will you come to Connamarra30a - Rakes of Irishmen
5a - The Joyces Cry17a - The Bench of Rushes30b - Buff the Blanket
5b - Turloch McDonagh's Lamentation17b - The Secret Lover31a - Late on a Saturday Night
6a - Bear Leigean Doilh18a - Sios agus sios liom31b - Hollow Fair
6b - The Lasses of Sligo18b - The Red Dog or Fox31c - The Killruddery Hunt
6c - Have you seen, or have you heard18c - The Red Dog or Fox32a - O'Toole's March
7a - The Sixpence18d - Slieve Donard32b - O'er Hills and lofty Mountains
7b - Shun the Corner19a - Nancy of the pleasing Tresses33a - Narramore
7c - Have you seen my black deceiver19b - The Dawning of the Day33b - When I go to the Fair
8a - Deirdre's Lamentation for the Sons of Usnoth19c - Frank Palmer33c - Beside the white Rock
8b - The Distressed Youth20a - The Pretty Brown Girl34a - Kildroughalt Fair
8c - Crom Castle20b - The Black and the Brown34b - Port Gordon
8d - The Puck Dance20c - The Fox Hunt34c - Kitty from Oulart
9a - That's the Road my love is gone22a - The Nurses Tune35a - Thamama Hulla
9b - Lough Sheeling22b - I love you above all the rest35b - The Rambling Boy
9c - The Unfortunate Rake23a - Cailin Don36a - The Baccah
10a - I once had a true love23b - Open the door for three36b - The Little Hills
10b - The Juice of the Barley Grain23c - The Cock in the Heather36c - O'Sullivan's March
10c - If the Sea were Ink24a - Bally Hacket37a - Molly I die your slave
11a - Thy Fair Bosom24b - The Fiery Mountain37b - I have two Brothers
11b - Father Quinn24c - Old Phillip McCue37c - The Carpenter's March
11c - Thou Child of my heart25a - Twice Trick'd38a - Bridget my Treasure
11d - Fire in the Mountains25b - Shilling dhe Naught Heane38b - Farewell to the Mountains
12a - I am sick and not in health25c - Peggin a Leven38c - Myra of the Vale
12b - The Sweet little distaff26a - Gage Fane39a - The Bard's Legacy
12b - Wet & Weary26b - The Dove39b - Leinster Prentice
12c - Derry Brien26c - The Mason39c - Lord Galway's Lamentation