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Title page Geoghegan's
Compleat Tutor for the Pastoral or New Bagpipe
All the necessary Instructions for such as are
desirous to play that Instrument, and attain
the true knowledge of all the Principles thereof
never before Publsh'd, wrote by Mr. Jn. Geoghegan
To which is Added
A Collection of some familiar Airs, light Jigs, &c
Curiously Adapted to that Instrument

A facsimile copy of this collection may be purchased at Pat Sky's Website.

10a - A Scotch Measure16 - A Bagpipe Concerto call'd the Battle of Aghrem or The Football March22 - With early Horn
10b - Jigg called Whip her and gird her17a - Can Love be controul'd23a - Let me wander
11a - A Charming Nun to a Fryar came17b - At the Brow of a Hill23b - Fly swiftly ye Minutes
11b - Tweed Side17c - A Scotch Measure24a - A Monkey or Sleg's Hornpipe
11c - The Dying Swan18a - A Scotch Air24b - The King's Head
11d - Gahagan's Frisk18b - The Humours of Westmeath25a - Six and Sevens
12a - The Mamina19a - Blab not what you ought to smother25b - Welsh Fair
12b - A Minuet19b - By Men belov'd26a - Castle Barr
12c - The Red Lyon Hornpipe19c - Dan Vray26b - A Hornpipe by Mr Lawrence
13 - The Mayjor20a - Blind Paddy's Fancy27a - Drunken Peasant
14a - Ravencroft's Fancy20b - Charp's Hornpipe27b - Middle Row Harlequin
14b - A Highland Rant21a - New Mile End Fair28a - Portsmouth Harbour
15a - New York, A Hornpipe21b - Thump the Bitches28b - Paddington Pound
15b - The Lass of Levinstone21c - The Chocolate Pot