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Title page A COLECTION
of the most Celebrated Irish Tunes proper for the
Violin, German Flute or Hautboy
PleaRarkeh na Rough set with different divisions
As performed at the Subscription Consort by
Senior Loranzo Bocchi
Dublin. Printed & Sold by John & William Neal in Christ Church Yard

An annotated edition of this collection, edited by Nicholas Carolan, has been recently published and is available from The Irish Traditional Music Archive.

02a - King of the Blind14a - Mable Kelly22b - Lord Gallaways Lamentation
02b - The Clarges Lamentation14b - Cuckoo23a - Lady St. John
03a - Squire Woodes's Lamentation on the Refusall of his Half Pence14c - Ishabele Burk23b - Morgan Macgann
03a - Da Mihi Manum15a - Raddire en Ougnish24a - Molly St. George
04a - Thomas Burk15b - Catty Magee24b - Gye Fiane
04b - Eiry na Greany16a - Can duh Dilish25a - Sir Ulick Burk
05a - Molly Halfpenny16b - Seperation of soul and Body25b - Limbrick's Lamentation
05b - Planksty Plunket17a - Sheen sheesh igus souse lum26a - Gracee Nugent by Carrallan
06 - Plea Rarkeh na Rourkough17b - Vaccatu en starri dugh26b - The Bockagh
10a - Counsellor McDonagh's Lamentation17c - The Joynter26c - Patrick Sarsfild
10b - Shea sude shear an Rode a Dima Shee18 - Challeeny vacca shu sheorshe27 - The Ragg set by A Gentleman
11a - Capten Magan19 - Clanuff's delight28a - Fanny Dillon
11b - Creamonea20a - Luke Dillon by Carrollan28b - The Lord Mayo's Delight
11c - Tom Judge20b - Voyden drid lum29a - Stary ghed ma lousa Voem
12a - Ta me ma Chulla's na doushe me21a - Planksty 29b - The Trugh
12b - Radara meen Chusogh21b - Shusheen Bane
13 - Fairy Queen22a - Carrollans Devotion